Selling on Amazon and eBay can be a great boost to your business if done right.   What do we mean?  There are multiple ways to move froward with selling on Amazon and eBay.  

  • You can do it your self
  • You can sell wholesale to multiple sellers who sell on Amazon and eBay
  • You can sell to one wholesaler and they can sell it on Amazon and eBay

What are the pros and cons?

You sell it yourself on Amazon and eBay:  This give you total control.  However, it takes one or more people to support this.  To create the listing, manage sales, and fulfill the orders.

You sell to multiple wholesalers:  This provides you multiple outlets to sell to but you loose all control of your products / brands.  You will end up with less sales per order from your buyers as sales are split between multiple sellers.  Price wars can happen where buyers keep lowering their prices in order to move unsold inventory hurting your brand as it is devalued by these price wars.  More sellers does not mean more sales.

You sell to just one wholesaler:  With just one wholesaler you can work with them to ensure that your brand is protected.  You and the re-seller both want to sell your products at a great price for you, them and your customer.  No price wars to drive down your brand value.  The wholesaler will work with you on keeping your brand protected and sales moving.

We think one wholesaler is the best plan and we would like to be that one.  One of our success stories is the I Can Tie My Shoe Board.  When we started to work with them they were only selling on their own web site and sales were slow to non-existent.  We listed the board on Amazon and sales started to take off.  Using our knowledge of Amazon and how to drive sales we have more than doubled sales in 2014 and are up in 2015.  Here is the listing on Amazon:  We are the only seller and there are many other similar toys priced less than us but our sales continue to grow each month.   

We would love to help you grow your sales on Amazon and eBay.  Just contact us and lets work together to grow your business.

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